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Supporting Fairtrade, Eco-friendly products & Oxfam

Willmotts is proud to be conscious of our environment and local business. We buy all of our bio-friendly detergents coffee and tea from our local Oxfam in Hammersmith on kings street. The tea and coffee is Fairtrade with 50% of the profits going to the growers, to find out more visit www.cafedirect.com . The detergents we use are made by Bio-D they are eco-friendly, non-harmful to the environment.


Willmotts have also banned the use of unnecessary plastics, for example, plastic cups and straws, replaced with drinking glassware and china mugs.


Willmotts has recycled through Hammersmith and Fulham's programme for many years now with 2 weekly collections. We also strive to avoid any unnecessary printing and will use black and white settings to further save on waste. Our employees enjoy being as eco-friendly as possible and every effort adds up!