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How often do people move property in Hammersmith?

More than six-million people move home every year according to national census figures. These numbers reveal we are changing homes at a faster rate than ever before with people in the southern half of the country the most frequent movers. Conversely, those living in the North East, North West and Wales move home less frequently than anyone else in the UK.

The average lifespan of a Brit ... read full article

Don’t jeopardise the sale of your property

Recent research suggests that over half of mortgage holders have not moved home for over 15 years. Therefore this is not something home owners do very often. This lack of experience may suggest why some vendors unintentionally prevent the sale of their property! Willmotts can show you what best not to do and what you should do; here are 10 points on how to avoid this:

1: How commit ... read full article

Saving for your Hammersmith home

If you want a healthy deposit for the London W6, property of your dreams, at the end of the day you will need to put money aside as you build towards getting on the ladder. Please see the following pointers on how best to do this:

With West London property prices being as high as they are the amount you will need for a deposit might at first appear to be impossible. This is not the ... read full article

How to get rid of mice and rats in your Hammersmith home

In Hammersmith West London W6, most people think rats get into buildings through open doors or other such nonsense and never consider the buried waste network (presumably as its out of sight). The vast majority (95%) of our rat work involves period properties with modern extensions.

As you are no doubt aware, the Victorians pioneered the concept of sanitisation and ensured human waste ... read full article

Hammersmith’s Top 10 Rental Trends in 2017

Are you considering living in Hammersmith and renting a property? If so then you are not alone. Due to the high prices in West London property sales, more people than ever have chosen to rent homes or flats in London W6 rather than buy them. Willmotts has noticed this recent trend and the letting market has been changing constantly. Staying ahead of the trends and reacting proactively is the s ... read full article

What does the future hold for house prices in Hammersmith?

There have probably never been more factors at play in the UK property market than there are right now. The national market is pausing for breath as it reaches the end of the cycle which started with the credit crunch. 2016 saw stamp duty changes as well as the
Brexit vote, and the impact is very much still being felt. The result of the election has added to the uncertainty surrounding the ... read full article