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Advantages of upsizing or downsizing in 2018

Finding your dream home in London W6, can be a challenge. You might need a larger property if your family is growing or if your children have left home you might be looking to downsize. There are advantages of both upsizing and downsizing in 2018. We asked our Guild agents for their opinions on what is happening in the market that makes it good for either upsizing or downsizing as well as ... read full article

Skills needed to become a Hammersmith estate agent

Estate agency is one of the few careers which doesn’t require formal entry qualifications. There are a number of ways become an estate agent. Here is a range of useful attributes that will help you to begin your career as an estate agent.

Customer service
Experience in customer service and sales will be a useful asset. A lot of people will find that their time working in ... read full article

Advantages of selling property at auction

Think of a property auction and you may think of developers snapping up a bargain on a TV show like Homes Under the Hammer. But savvy sellers are learning that there is much more to selling at auction, and it’s not all cut-price properties. In fact, the smallest flats to large mansions are all selling through the modern method of auction.
This is how it works and why you should consider se ... read full article

What to do when your home is on the market

Putting your home on the market can be an exciting time. But once the floorplans have been drawn up, the photos taken, and the property listed online, what else do you need to do? Being proactive at this stage can lead to a faster sale.

1. Set clear viewing times. Talk to your agent so they have easy access to the property for viewings, and agree certain times that are not convenient ... read full article

New Stamp duty changes for first-time buyers in 2017

Stamp Duty is changing for first-time buyers. This will effect those of you looking to buy property in West London, Hammersmith and the rest of the country.
In the Budget 2017, Chancellor Phillip Hammond announced that Stamp Duty would be exempt for people buying their first property if it costs under £300,000. For first homes under £500,000, you won’t have to pay Stamp Duty on any the firs ... read full article

Why do house sales fall through?

Moving to a new Hammersmith house can be a stressful time, particularly if a sale falls through. Don’t worry if this happens as you can often salvage the situation.

If something unexpected comes up in a survey, it may be a big enough problem to make the sale fall through.
In our experience, most house sales fall through due to survey reports. Unexpected work noticed a su ... read full article