Why are people not viewing  your Hammersmith Property

Published: 23/06/2017

Putting your London W6 home on the market is an exciting time. The photos are taken, the floorplans completed, and the rooms are perfectly presented, so it’s time to start the viewings. But how many should you expect? What if viewings are not as regular as you hoped?

Check the price

One of the biggest deterrents for a viewing is the price. Does your home compare to competing Hammersmith and West London homes on the market? The price needs to attract potential buyers, the housing market is now incredibly transparent. Information on marketing and sale prices of similar properties is easily available on the web, so it is important that properties are marketed at a realistic price. Nothing turns a buyer off quicker than a house that is perceived to be over-priced.

Pick a good local Hammersmith estate agent

There’s absolutely no point in appointing an agent who isn’t embedded in the community, you need an agent who knows all about the area, is connected and recommended, but also one that knows where your target audience is. Willmotts estate agents has an average employee of 11 years and therefore has a huge advantage with local knowledge, after all we’ve been around since 1856!

Put your best foot forward

Make your Hammersmith home look the best it can, make sure you tidy up, and not just inside the home, but outside too, even if you have an apartment. A lot of buyers won’t even step outside the car if the kerb appeal is not good enough. If there is paint peeling on the front door or windowsills have them repainted, fixing them is money well spent. Have a good clear out and declutter; if you have rooms full to the brim then buyers will need a good imagination to see the potential, and the same goes for the garden. Mow the lawn, trim the hedges, weed the flower beds.

Invest in photography

In London W6 people now judge properties through online platforms. The better the picture, the more chance of your potential buyer investigating further. The importance of high-quality photos cannot be more emphasised they are the crucial first impression. It is important not only that the photos show the property at its best, but also that the quantity of pictures right. Too few may lead to potential buyers either assuming that there is something wrong with the property or deciding not to view as they couldn’t get a reasonable impression of the property.


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