Preparation Before Marketing Your Property

Published: 17/10/2019

Once you have decided to sell your home, it’s time to prepare for the next stages of selling your home.

Your documents

Having these to hand early on will reduce stress later.
Your estate agent will advise on all the documents you require.
Know where the following items are:
    o    Insurance policies
    o    Mortgage information
    o    Any warranties for appliances
    o    Utility bills

Inventory your home

Start an inventory that lists fixtures and fittings included within the sale. This can be referred to as a TA10.
The full list isn’t required until a later stage in the selling process when it will be attached to the sales contract, but considering it now can save you time later on. It will also mean your estate agent is fully prepared ahead of any viewings.
There is some ambiguity but generally, think of ‘fixtures’ as items fixed to the floor or walls and ‘fittings’ as free-standing items.
Fixtures can include kitchen units, built-in wardrobes and cupboards, bathroom suites and cupboards.
Fittings can include things like carpets, beds and sofas. Be aware this can also include free-standing units with ovens and white goods.
While fittings can seem trivial when added together the cost of fixtures and fittings can be sizeable for a buyer to replace. The sooner you can be clear about what's included, the better.


Before marketing your property, your estate agent must order an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC).
The EPC provides a rating and information on a property's energy use, energy efficiency and how this can be improved.
This must be included in any written material that describes the property for sale.
Your estate agent will arrange for an assessor to visit your home and produce the certificate.

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