What is the Best Gym in Hammersmith

Published: 08/02/2017

Hammersmith has a huge range of gyms and sports clubs; ready to test your physical limits or help you just tick over. If you know what you want or are looking for a new challenge, Hammersmith has plenty to feed your appetite. From sailing, canoeing, paddle boarding and rowing clubs to professional boxing gyms, crossfit gyms, 24hr gyms, pay as you go gyms, personal trainers and running clubs.

In Hammersmith if you are a gym newbie or just interested in ticking over, there is plenty to choose from, the big branded gyms are Virgin Active, Fitness First and Pure Gym, Better gym. If you want all the frills the former are your best bet. Virgin and Fitness First both have small 20M swimming pools.

The luxury Gyms in Hammersmith are well known brands, Virgin Active and Fitness First. Both with pools and great cardio equipment, weights machines along with free weights. They also offer classes and their in house personal trainers are on call when your motivation is low. The real difference of these gyms is their total package; offering a swimming pool alongside the general gym facilities. The atmosphere is clean contemporary, bright and welcoming. If you need motivating and can afford to pay for it then the top tier is for you.

Virgin Active | Shortlands, 181 Hammersmith Road, Hammersmith W6 8BT | 0203 582 7470

Fitness First | 26-28 Hammersmith Grove, W6 7HA London | 0344 571 2870

Budget Gyms in Hammersmith; Pure Gym and Better Gym are cheaper than their rivals yet offer great value for money if all you want is a good range of cardio machines and free weights. Better gym has the added value of squash courts and a sauna. Both Hammersmith gyms also allow you to book on the day. Pure gym has plenty trainers ready to assist and help you in a one to one role, paid for obviously. They do however have many free classes for you to join in, a great way to get motivated when your training direction starts to waiver.

Hammersmith has plenty for the more focussed athletes;

There are Boxing Gyms in Hammersmith, the purest boxing gym is State of Mind Fitness. This gym has coached national class athletes and continues to do so. The gym is run by two ex-Royal Marines Commandos, their no frills approach generates enviable results using traditional tried and tested methods combined with contemporary physiological training methods and techniques. The trainers also run classes for non-boxers and have a portfolio of private clients in and around Hammersmith.

State of Mind Fitness | Arch, 82 Galena Rd, London W6 0LX | 020 3303 0623

Hammersmith’s Crossfit gym is situated under the railway arches off Cambridge Grove. The Crossfit community is very well established and is a no nonsense means of getting very fit and strong without being bored by a predictable routine. WODs or Workout Of the Day; is never predictable and is designed to challenge the athletes’ all round ability. There are focussed sessions for technique and strength that fit in and compliment daily workouts.

Crossfit Hammersmith | Railway Arch, 64 Cambridge Grove, London W6 0LD | 07976 134454


The gyms in central Hammersmith offer exactly what you need from novice to athlete. Beyond the cardio machines and weights; you have one of London’s best places to run; along the Thames tow path. Here you will find much more to keep you active, rowing clubs, sailing, canoeing and paddle boarding. There really is no excuse not to be fit and healthy in W6.

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