What is the best school in Hammersmith and Fulham

Published: 14/12/2016 By E. Finlay

When choosing a home there are many factors outside the property itself, the environment and it’s services can weigh heavily on any home buyer’s or parents’ mind. If you have children and are thinking of moving to Hammersmith or the surrounding West London regions, Chiswick, Fulham, Barnes, Shepherd Bush or Kensington you will be digging deep into what they have to offer your child’s education. West London has a wide choice of schools from Primary to Secondary education, state schools to private schools and schools that are setup for specialist requirements.

In the borough of Hammersmith and Fulham you have 25 State funded primary schools, 12 Independent primary and prep schools, 12 State secondary schools, 5 Independent secondary schools, 5 State special schools and 3 Independent special schools.
Which is the best for you and your child; leagues tables are available to measure the number of high grades per school and these give an indication but do they paint the whole picture. If exam results are your only concern then look no further:

Primary Education:
 St Augustine's RC Primary School or All Saints CofE Primary School both with 97% for 2016 via .gov.uk please note not all schools are ranked via this system.

Secondary Education:
The London Oratory School, with 88% (Grade C or better in English & maths GCSEs) please note not all school are ranked via this system.

Further Education 16-18:
St Paul's Girls' School, Latymer Upper School or The London Oratory School
School league tables and results are available here:

If choosing the best school for your children does not solely involve picking the best exam results but what the school has to offer the child, in terms of facilities and experience, then the picture changes. After all not every child is academically gifted and despite the best levels of care they may not achieve the dizzy heights of the Joneses. Success isn’t always measured by A grades, Sir Richard Branson and Sir Alan Sugar both celebrated businessman neither of which have A-levels. Finding schools that fit this alternative bill is not as difficult as it may first appear. Some state schools and the independent schools have some fantastic facilities, from teaching the arts to coaching a wide range of sports.

During the 2012 London Olympics and the 2016 Rio Olympics, over one third of the athletes were privately educated. This is quite surprising when privately educated Britons make up less than 18 percent of the population. However this doesn’t mean you should only send your child to a private school if you want the best sporting opportunities for them. Hammersmith and Fulham has a huge range of sports clubs from rowing and rugby to hockey and netball, where you will find very affordable opportunities for your budding champions.

Hammersmith and Fulham also offer a great deal for the next generation of creative talents. Theatres and arts clubs are on offer to maximise your children’s artistic potential. The William Morris society, named after the British icon of textile design and more, who lived and died in Hammersmith. This arts and crafts society often runs workshops during the school holidays helping to open creative avenues and inspire young minds.

In short, there is a broad range of schools in the borough of Hammersmith and Fulham with varying amounts to offer your child. However if like the majority of us, you cannot write blank cheques, Hammersmith and Fulham have much to supplement those schools that fall short. The clubs and societies spread across the region are diverse enough to capture and inspire the next generations’ attention and imagination. It is also important to note, some independent schools, such as Latymer Upper, pictured above, have an excellent means tested bursary programme to encourage bright children to apply from less affluent families.

Below is a list of schools in Alphabetical order, divided up between State and Private or Independent schools.

State Primary SchoolsState Sixth Form Colleges


Addison Primary SchoolEaling, Hammersmith and West London College
Addison GardensGliddon Road
W14 0DTW14 9BL
020 76035333020 87411688



All Saints C of E Primary SchoolJack Tizard School
Bishops AvenueSouth Africa Road
SW6 6EDW12 7PA
020 77362803020 87353590



Avonmore Primary SchoolPhoenix High School
Avonmore RoadThe Curve
W14 8SHW12 0RQ
020 76039750020 87491141



Bentworth Primary SchoolQueensmill School
Bentworth RoadClancarty Road
W12 7AJSW6 3AA
020 87432527020 73842330



Brackenbury Primary SchoolWilliam Morris Sixth Form
Dalling RoadSt Dunstan’s Road
W6 0BAW6 8RB
020 87433074020 87486969



Canberra Primary SchoolPrivate Independent and Fee Paying Primary Schools
Australia Road
LondonAl-Muntada Islamic School
W12 7PT7 Bridges Place
020 87432514London

Flora Gardens Primary School020 74718283
Dalling Road



LondonBute House Preparatory School
W6 0UDLuxemburg Gardens
020 87482566London

W6 7EA
Fulham Primary School020 76037381
Halford Road



LondonEcole Francaise Jacques Prevert
SW6 1JU59 Brook Green
020 73850535London

W6 7BE
Good Shepherd RC Primary School020 76026871
35 Gayford Road



LondonParsons Green Prep School
W12 9BY1 Fulham Park Road
020 87435060London

Greenside Primary School020 73719009
Westville Road



LondonKensington Prep School
W12 9PT596 Fulham Road
020 87436421London

Holy Cross RC School020 77319300
Basuto Road



LondonLatymer Upper School
SW6 4BL237 King Street
020 77361447London

W6 9LR
Jack Tizard School0845 6385800
South Africa Road



LondonLe Herisson School
W12 7PARivercourt Methodist Church, King Street
020 87353590London

W6 9JT
John Betts Primary School020 85637664
Paddenswick Road



LondonL’Ecole des Petits School
W6 0UA2 Hazlebury Road
020 87482465London

Kenmont Primary School020 73718350
Valliere Road



LondonRavenscourt Park Preparatory School
NW10 6AL16 Ravenscourt Avenue
020 8969449London

W6 0SL
Langford Primary School020 88469153
Gilstead Road



LondonSinclair House School
SW6 2LG2 Hazlebury Road London
020 77364045SW6 2NB

020 73718350
Larmenier & Sacred Heart Catholic Primary School



LondonLower Nursery
W6 7BL196 Munster Road
020 87489444London

Lena Gardens Primary School



Lena GardensUpper Nursery
London159 Munster Road
W6 7PZLondon
020 76034043SW6 6DA



Miles Coverdale Primary SchoolPREPARATORY SCHOOL
Coverdale Road59 Fulham High Street
W12 8JJSW6 3JJ
020 87435847020 77369182



Melcombe Primary SchoolSt James Junior School
Fulham Palace RoadEarsby Street
W6 9ERW14 8SH
020 87487411020 73481777



New King’s Primary SchoolThe Fulham Preparatory School Limited
New King’s Road200 Greyhound Road
SW6 4LYW14 9SD
020 77362318020 73862444



Normand Croft Community SchoolThomas’s Fulham
Bramber RoadHugon Road
W14 9PASW6 3ES
020 73856847020 77518200



Old Oak Primary SchoolPrivate, Independent and Fee Paying Secondary Schools
Mellitus Street



LondonChelsea Independent College
W12 0AS517 – 523 Fulham Road
020 87437629London

Parayhouse School020 76101114
New Kings School Annex, New Kings Road



LondonLatymer Upper School
SW6 4LY237 King Street
020 77510914London

W6 9LR
Pope John RC School0845 6385800
Commonwealth Avenue



LondonSt James Senior Girls School
W12 7QREarsby Street
020 87439428London

W14 8SH
Queen’s Manor School and Special Needs Unit020 73481777
Lysia Street



LondonSt Paul’s Girls’ School
SW6 6NDBrook Green
020 73854343London

W6 7BS
Queensmill School020 76032288
Clancarty Road



LondonThe Fulham Preparatory School Limited
SW6 3AA200 Greyhound Road
020 73842330London

W14 9SD
Sir John Lillie Primary School020 73862444
Lillie Road



LondonThe Godolphin and Latymer School
SW6 7LNIffley Road
020 73852107London

W6 0PG
St Augustine’s RC Primary School020 87411936
Disbrowe Road



LondonThe Moat School
W6 8QEBishops Avenue
020 73854333London

St Johns Walham Green C of E Primary School020 76109018
Filmer Road



LondonYoung Dancers Academy
SW6 6AS25 Bulwer Street
020 77315454London

W12 8AR
St Mary’s Catholic Primary School020 87433856
Masbro Road



LondonPrivate, Independent and Fee Paying Sixth Forms
W14 0LT



020 76037717Chelsea Independent College

517 – 523 Fulham Road
St Paul’s C of E Primary SchoolLondon
Worlidge StreetSW6 1HD
London020 76101114
W6 9BP



020 87484951Latymer Upper School

237 King Street
St Peter’s Primary SchoolLondon
St Peter’s RoadW6 9LR
London0845 6385800
W6 9BA



020 87487756St James Senior Girls’ School

Earsby Street
St Stephen’s C of E Primary SchoolLondon
Uxbridge RoadW14 8SH
London020 73481777
W12 8LH



020 87434483

St Paul’s Girls’ School

Brook Green
St Thomas of Canterbury Catholic Primary SchoolLondon
Estcourt RoadW6 7BS
London020 76032288



020 73858165The Godolphin and Latymer School

Iffley Road
Sulivan Primary SchoolLondon
Peterborough RoadW6 0PG
London020 87411936
020 77365869



Wendell Park Primary School
Cobbold Road
W12 9LB
020 87431372



Wormholt Park Primary School
Bryony Road
W12 0SR
020 87435073



State Secondary Schools



Burlington Danes Academy
Wood Lane
W12 0HR
020 87354950



Cambridge School
Cambridge Grove
W6 0LB
020 87487585



Fulham Cross Girls’ School and Language College
Munster Road
020 73810861



Henry Compton Secondary School
Kingwood Road
020 73813606



Hurlingham and Chelsea Secondary School
Peterborough Road
020 77312581



Jack Tizard School
South Africa Road
W12 7PA
020 87353590



Lady Margaret School
Parson’s Green
020 77367138



Parayhouse School
New Kings School Annex, New Kings Road
020 77510914



Phoenix High School
The Curve
W12 0RQ
020 87491141



Queensmill School
Clancarty Road
020 73842330



Sacred Heart High School
212 Hammersmith Road
W6 7DG
020 87487600



The London Oratory School
Seagrave Road
020 73850102



Woodlane High School
Du Cane Road
W12 0TN
020 87435668