Why should you choose a high-street estate agent?

Published: 27/03/2018

Choosing the right agent is key to selling your Hammersmith property. We have seen an increase in online estate agents in recent years and there has been discussion as to whether sellers should sell their West London home with an online agent or stick with an established high-street W6 estate agent. Here we share our views on high-street and online agents.

Why homeowners should choose a high-street agent:

⦁ No sale, no fee. There is a genuine desire to achieve the best possible price from buyers in the best position.
⦁  No hidden costs.
⦁ Local agents often chase those in a chain to progress the sale faster. They also know local solicitors, who are specialists in their area. But the most important point is experience in the local area, both working and living close to the properties they are selling.

Expertise is the key:

The traditional agent has a wealth of experience within the geographical area and this can be put to good use for the client. Your agent only typically gets paid if the sale or letting goes through, so the incentive to complete the deal is significant. Your agent is also able to deal with any potential buyer and has the expertise to get the best possible price in a suitable time frame. The agent can also deal with solicitors and other mortgage lenders to facilitate the sale.

The high-street estate agent offers a full service. The internet only estate agent does not normally offer the full range of essential services required by sellers and landlords without charging additional fees for those services. For example, conducting accompanied viewings.

This full service includes substantial online marketing for each property via property portals and other internet based marketing channels. Additionally, it may also include significant promotion in newspapers and magazines, which consequently attract purchasers from different sources. Plus, they will have local property knowledge and will only get paid if the house sells at an acceptable figure.

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